By Your Side Through the End of Tax Season

Few dates on the calendar cause the heart to race and blood pressure rise like Tax Day — April 15. If you are experiencing these symptoms, a good dose of counsel and assistance from the tax experts at No Doubt Accounting may be your best remedy.

March Madness

As Tax Day looms, March turns into a mad dash around your office or home gathering receipts and collecting tax documents. A little more legwork on your behalf may be the difference between filing on time or filing for an extension (more on this later).

Here are a few tips to help you in the crunch:

  • No Doubt Accounting Tax Organizer — If you have it, use it. The Tax Organizer is your checklist to identify essential documents needed to complete your tax return.
  • Previous Year’s Tax Return — No Tax Organizer, no worries. Reference last year’s return for clues about income generation and expenses that may apply to your 2018 tax return.
  • Do the Math — Any calculations you make prior to submitting your tax information to the No Doubt Accounting team will shave time off the preparation of your return.

Extension? No Problem.

Despite your best efforts, and the efforts of the No Doubt tax professionals, filing for an extension may be your only option. Filing for an extension is not a bad thing.

The No Doubt tax experts will guide you through the process. They will alleviate your fears, and make sure your tax return stays on track until it is finally submitted to the IRS.

Count On Us

No Doubt Accounting staff will work tirelessly to prepare your tax return in a timely fashion. However, we understand life happens and your best laid plans may not come to fruition. In those situations, count on us to assist you in filing your taxes in the most appropriate manner.